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Kay did a live painting of our wedding ceremony, I literally can not describe the feeling my née wife and I got when we saw her work for the first time. It was absolutely incredible! We where both speechless. I couldn’t think of a cooler and unique way of remembering our special day. Her work is brilliant and such a pleasure to work with. She included so many special touches in her painting of our ceremony that will always touch our hearts.

Eric Strader

"Seeing the components of our wedding day come together in one painting is heartwarming. Kay, almost magically, took different parts of the day (dancing, friends, scenery, decor) and put it all into one perspective where we could see everything coming together at one moment.


It offered a whole new view of the pieces we had worked so hard to plan, and captured the joy of our special day in a way that made the fleeting nature of such an event permanent. She captured the spirit of our friends and family, some of which are no longer with us, in a memory that passed all too quickly but now we can see forever."

Elizabeth Mery

"We received this as a wedding gift. It was actually a live painting during our ceremony! Never did we imagine that this would capture the moment through depicting its energetic vibe on canvas but it did ! From our two dogs in the front, to the butterfly release at the end, even our flower crowns. Our guests were so excited to come recognize themselves through their posture and / or outfits. What a memory ! Highly recommend."

Allegra P





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