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This Black Friday 
Elevate your event
in 2023!

Our lives are filled with so many meaningful moments! We build up to them with excitement and anticipation, and then, in the blink of an eye, they pass by. 

What if you could commemorate those events and moments in a way that will last a lifetime? That will make your moment stand out to your guests, and can then be displayed for years to come? 

What moments are worth capturing on canvas with Live event Painting?

Do you have an event coming up in 2023 that deserves something a little extra? Are you celebrating a legacy, a milestone, or an accomplishment? Or are you gathering others around an important mission? 

If yes, you can use Live Event Painting to increase your event's impact! 

Create a meaningful gift for the guest of honor.


Support your messaging and your mission with a piece of art. 

Delight and thrill your guests and give them something to talk about long after the event ends! 

Live event painting is a great addition to Galas, Work parties, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and any other events where you want to create a meaningful moment. 


Get your Guests Talking

Do you want your event to be one your guests really enjoy? One that piques their curiosity, delights and thrills them, and gives them a new experience to take home and talk about? 

Live Event painting can help you do just that! People are fascinated by watching art get made. Along with being interesting, it is a great conversation starter because everyone has some sort of art-related story. 


Increase your Impact
Case Study: The Montana Conservation Voters Org' Annual Fundraising Gala

Montana Conseration Voters Org used Live Event Painting to support their messaging about loving and protecting Montana's incredible places and landscapes.They used it to increase awareness about some of the meaningful monuments around Montana, and ended up giving people an opportunity to share their experiences and memories of those places. At the End of the Gala, MTCV gave the paintings away to their donors as a door raffle price. Even showing that you support the arts has a positive impact on your guests and your messaging. 


Mark a Milestone

If you are celebrating a milestone moment in your career or personal life, and are having an event to mark the occasion, you deserve to extend that celebration beyond the hours of your event.

A Live Event painting will remind you of your milestone everyday when you look at it on the wall, and will also remind you of all the people who showed up to support and cheer for you. 

Honor Someone

It can be hard to put someone's impact n the people around them into words. A painting can hold a lot of emotion and meaning in it, and putting the honoree into paint strokes places them into history Art and paintings last longer than any of us do, and they say "hey, this is someone who has made a big difference." Honor a person or person's with a portrait of them and their work to celebrate their legacy. 


For the fun of it

Honestly, I'm a big fan of doing things just because they're awesome and they make our lives a little bit more fun and interesting. Are you having your 40th birthday party and going all out? Um, let's have me come paint a colorful celebration of all that is you! Is your niece having her sixth birthday party? I can say- it probably won't happen again... let's capture it! Whatever you have, we can add some fun to it because let's face it, art is just plain fun. 

How does it work?

This offer is for events any free dates, Jan-April, October-December, and any weekday events all year long. 

Date availability is based on first come, first serve.

This is non-refundable and must be used in 2023.


What if I have an event on a Saturday in July that I want you to paint at?

With this deal, you can get me to paint weekend events in the peak wedding season by checking the date with me 3 weeks before it. If I have it free, I can do it! But we cannot reserve those dates for this offer. 

Will you travel? 

Of course! Depending on location, I may need to add additional travel fees, but you don't have to worry about that now. 

Do I have to know my event date to take advantage of this screaming deal?

You absolutletly do not. All you need is a little bit of flexibility. Get this deal and it is like a voucher for any event of your choice in 2023! 

What won't you paint?

As long as everyone is on board, there is nothing off limits!

What is so special about this offer?

This offer makes it super easy for you to just go ahead and mark this off of your to-do list!

Wondering how you'll make your grandfather's 95th birthday special? Worry no more! 

Wondering what you'll do to entertain your donors? I've got you! 

Want to celebrate you and your partner's in a really meaningful way? Let's do this!

And, not to mention- my normal packages start at $2200.00!

The offer

Get a Voucher to use for any event other than a wedding!

It costs only $1200 and can be used for any party like a:

retirement party, 










a random wednesday that you just want to have fun on.

This is non-refundable, and it must be used in 2023.

Can be used on any free week day

Can be used on any peak wedding- season weekend (May-Sept) if date is free 3 or less weeks before event

Painting Size is 18"x24", I will paint for 4-5 hours at your event, and it will be finished at the end of the night

Who is this for?

Someone with:

An event that they want to thrill and delight their guests at

A meaningful moment in a loved one's life

A cause or mission they'd like to support 

An occasion to gift something meaningful to someone

Any reason to add art to their event at all!

What others say

I cannot say enough about our experience with K Potter Fine Art! Kay is so lovely to work with. She listened to my vision for the painting, but also provided thoughtful suggestions where I was unsure. Her enthusiasm and responsiveness throughout the planning process made me incredibly excited for my big day!

On our wedding day Kay was punctual and took care of all of the details, so all I had to do was relax and enjoy the celebration. She was a hit painting at both the ceremony and the reception and all of our guests stopped by her easel to ooo and ahhh at her work. Kay was so friendly to all of them and patiently answered all of their questions. Kay perfectly captured our first moments as a married couple and was sure to include in the painting our closest family members.


The painting is gorgeous and is such a special keepsake that my husband and I will treasure for the rest of our lives. And talk about timely! We had a fully completed painting, ready to hang on the wall, the day after our wedding! If you are looking for that one special touch to make your wedding truly unique, K Potter live wedding painting is the way to set your wedding apart from the crowd!


Ready to Get your voucher?

  1. Order your voucher

  2. I will reach out with an email within 3 days of your order to give you next steps

  3. You can then start to schedule your event anytime you're ready 

  4. We will set up a phone call to go over event details and painting subject

  5. Keep in mind, I will do everything I can to accomodate you. And, part of this offer, is a bit of flexibility on your part :). 

I have a question

If you're uncertain about something please contact me below


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