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Paint Cans

Hi there! I'm kay, and I'm so glad you're here!

Have you been thinking about a fun place to have a mural for a while?


Would you love to look out your window everyday and see a barage of painted wildflowers?

Do you run a business, and want to spruce up your walls a little and delight your customers?

Are you a non-profit that would like to spread your messaging?

Or maybe you have the perfect spot for a "selfie station," complete with #yourbusiness!


Why am I doing this?

Everytime I paint a mural, I get a lot of people saying things like, "We should really put one at......." or, "Can you come to my house for a day?" or "Hey, I'd like to talk to you about a project!"

So I am here, opening my door and I am ready to find out where you want a mural, what you'd like at your house or what your project idea is! 

and, on a personal note...

I believe that our world should be filled to the brim with art. If you've ever been at my house, you've seen my living room walls painted with stars and planety-things. You've seen my wall filled with prints and originals. You haven't seen my fence painted because it's not installed yet... but when it is... you can bet, I'll be out there painting a mural on it! 

Art adds so much joy, and who doesn't want a little more joy these days?

And that is why I am introducing this limited time offer:

Whatever your
goals are,
let's let the paint fly!

Purple Wall

Let the paint fly Mural Promotion 2022

The Deal: I am waiving all design fees, effectively only charging for install. 

A great fit for this project is:

  • Fun Playful Ideas!

  • Designs that feature shape and color and maybe one or two main things

  • Allowing me, the artist, a bit of creative freedom

  • Walls/surfaces that are in good shape already

  • Interior ideas for nurseries, living rooms- you name it!

If you're not sure what you have in mind is a good fit, reach out anyway and tell me what you are thinking. I will let you know if it's perfect or if we can adjust it! 


What doesn't fit this project

  • A huge wall that needs filled in. 

  • Walls/surfaces that are in disrepair.

  • Any project that you can't let go of a little. If it has to be perfect to your ideas, this isn't it.

  • Very complicated designs that involve a ton of detail and space. Some detail is good, some space is good. But too much and we'd have to charge more!

Submit your project by August 1st. Contracts must be signed and paid* by August 5th to proceed

I have space in my calendar for four of these murals, so the sooner you reserver your spot, the better.

Cost is a flat fee of $2500. If your project involves renting any machinery/equipment, we can talk about it.

As long as the weather cooperates, you will have your mural installed by the beginning of fall.

*Payment plans are Possible, but a $500.00 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure spot
**murals that require approval from commissions/committees will not be able to be that quick

Interested in learning more? Here is the easy process:

Tell me your idea

Send me some information about your project idea! 

Below you will find an easy to use submission form.

Schedule a call with me

After Submitting your form, you'll recieve an email that prompts you to schedule a call with me. It will also ask you to reply to the email with images of project location. Please do not skip this step. Projects need to be contracted by August 5th for this deal* 


We'll pick a date for me to come complete the project. Before I come, I will send you two or three options for your design! From there, I will take any feedback and get your design finalized! Remeber, this project is about giving me a bit of trust and creative freedom from your prompt.


Your project will be installed in 2-3 days! I'll use the highest quality materials and proper processes to make your work last. 

Then, you get to enjoy it for many many years to come <3 

Worker with Ladder

"I like the idea of a mural, but I don't know what I want." 

I'd be happy to help brainstorm! I know how to ask the right questions and get the ideas flowing and to nail down your vision. Click HERE to schedule a brainstorming call, and by the end we'll have a great idea!

"A Mural would be a great addition to our non-profit organization, but I'm not sure we have the funds.

Ask your supporters to sponsor the mural! People love contributing to the things they care about- especially in such a bold and visible way. I can bill the sponsors directly if it makes it easy for you. 

"Is it extravagant to have you come paint a mural in my backyard/on my property/ in my new nursery?

Our homes are the places we should put the most things that bring us joy. We should surround ourselves with everything we love, with reminders of what makes the world magical, and with anything that brightens up our spirits. There is nothing extravagent about adding a mural to your home, indoor or outdoor. 


Are you ready to get started?

Please fill out the following form, and then schedule a call with me. 


 Submit your project by  Monday, August 1st 

"I want to add a mural to my business, however $2500 Feels like a lot to committ to"

​I get it. I really do. Spending money can be hard. And with a mural, it can be really hard to figure out an ROI.  But consider the ways a mural would benefit your business: It's invaluable First, It increases your visibility It increases your messaging You can write the cost of the mural off on your taxes  You show a committment to improving the community you operate in It gives your customers a way to interact with your space, and to share it with others You pay for what you get. High quality materials, expeience and design expertise are worth it. 

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