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Live Wedding Painting Process
Live Wedding Painting start with the background
Live Wedding Painting Snapshot
Live Wedding Portrait is Reveald to the couple
Final Live Wedding Painting is Finished

Day OF

This is how it will look on your wedding day! 

1. I arrive at your chosen scene about 3 hours earlier than your guests

I get the painting started, so when your guests arrive, they can already see a painting take shape. This also allows me the time I need to get the background and base layer of your painting filled in and prepared for...

2. Your Pose!

Depending on your pose, I will get a photograph on my cell phone of the two of you, which I will then use the rest of the night for your painting. 


Sometimes I can do it organically (such as when you're exiting the ceremony, or when you're doing your first kiss) and sometimes I'll grab you for just 15 seconds to get a perfect shot. 

3. Then, you party, and I paint!

While you have dinner and toasts and dances and cake, I keep painting on the side. I set up so your guests can watch and come over and chat with me while it all happens. Usually, by the time you have  a second to come check it out, the painting is near finished, and you will be so thrilled to see your love on canvas! 

4. End of the night

At the end of the night, I will take your painting home with me. From there, I will finalize your painting. All packages recieve an hour of touch ups, and varnish. The Studio Refinement packages include 5 more hours of work. 


After it is all finished, I will ship it to you! 


My ceremony is at a different location than my reception. Can you move between them? 

Yes! Definitely. My entire set up is about being easy to move and adjust so that I can provide you with the best painting of your day. Just let me know, and I'll make it work.

Do you travel?

Heck yes! You just tell me where we're going :).  

What do you need from the venue?

Again, I can make most everything work. I just need about 6 square feet to set up in, and if we're painting into the night (especially indoors), access to an outlet is necessary.

What do you need from us? 

One of the great things about this is that after I talk to you and get an idea about your painting, you really don't need to worry about me. 

What is your favorite part of painting?

Honestly, I absolutely love the moment when a couple gets to take a moment, just the two of them, to look at their new painting. It's such a special moment for them in an otherwise busy day! 

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