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When painting and sketching plein-air I sink into the landscape, am an attuned witness to its mood and beauty. -Dianne Bersea


Montana's Summers are short but oh, so sweet. Filled with beautiful scenery, delicious, sunfilled days and the sounds of nature all around- it is a wonder to be immersed in!

But sometimes, the days can fly by and before you know it, the flakes are falling and you're wondering, "Where did the time go?"

Slow down a bit this summer and work on your plein air painting skills. Immerse yourself in the scenery and your creativity.  Connect with other's doing the same. Soak up the day with brushstrokes and paint. 

Presenting a Plein air workshop series based out of Livingston, MT

Painting Paradise

Discover the joy of painting en plein air with my transformative "Painting Paradise" series! Spanning three immersive workshops, I'll guide you through understanding tools, techniques, exploring color theory, and crafting captivating compositions that showcase your unique style. My friendly teaching style and a supportive environment will help you overcome your fears and hesitations, while you forge new friendships and connect with like-minded artists. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter, this series is designed to elevate your outdoor painting experience and unlock your creative potential so you can make the most of your Montana Summers! Take 1 or all 3, and get yourself outside!



Awaken your inner artist: Plein air painting is like a visual treasure hunt, sharpening your observation skills as you explore and capture the world around you. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant dance of light, color, and composition – it's a whole new way to see and experience the outdoors!


Embrace your creative superpowers: Unpredictable weather? Changing light? No problem! Plein air painting turns you into an artistic superhero, ready to adapt and overcome any challenge thrown your way. Unlock your spontaneity, unleash your creativity, and watch your problem-solving skills soar to new heights.



Nature, friends, and inspiration galore: Imagine being surrounded by the beauty of nature, a paintbrush in hand, and a community of like-minded artists cheering you on. Plein air painting is your ticket to forging new friendships, swapping stories and tips, and basking in the inspiration that only the great outdoors can provide. Dive in and let the adventure begin!

The workshops

 These engaging workshops run  from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a lunch break, and cost $175 per person. 

Register now and let the "Painting Paradise" series transform your outdoor painting experience!

Exact locations TBD based on group sizes

Supply lists will be emailed out (some supplies can be borrowed)

Paint Brushes

June 10

Workshop 2: Color Theory for Plein Air Painting

Elevate your outdoor painting skills with our second workshop in the "Painting Paradise" series!  Immerse yourself in the magic of color theory and learn how to confidently mix colors to capture the world around you. Understand the nuances of lighting and how it affects your color palette, while enjoying the process of playing with paint and connecting with fellow artists.  Embrace your creative spirit, and let the colors of nature inspire you to new artistic heights!

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