About the Artist

Live Wedding Painter Montana

Meet Kay

Kay Potter is an artist who lives in Livingston, Montana. Some of her fondest memories as a child are of her and her Dad drawing flowers together at the kitchen table. She grew up surrounded by the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman. After a short stint in Georgia to attend art school, she returned to make Montana her permanent home, choosing Livingston as the place to set up roots.


Kay’s artistic style varies, but most often contains within it a sense of childlike wonder, imagery and colors. She cares deeply about the world around her and the people in it and this is reflected in the uplifting perspective of her paintings and multimedia work.


Kay believes that art helps us create joyful experiences and environments and is honored to work towards this end. As a professional artist since 2014, Kay has enjoyed opportunities to share her work with the public through open houses and high visibility projects, has enjoyed creating keepsakes for her clients, and has collaborated with many clients turned friends. She is dedicated both to her craft and to making art that much more approachable. 


provide high quality interactions with art that relate to and celebrate our lives.


to produce high quality work

to have positive, collaborative relationships and do anything I can to help my clients

to be relatable and accessible

for my work to be a financial investment for my clients