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Live Wedding Painting

When I started these paintings, they were blank canvases and two people were seperate.

As they saw each other for the first time, I sketched in the outline.

As he watched her walk down the aisle, I filled in the leaves and branches.

As they kissed and said I do, I noticed the sunlight in her hair.

While her dad gave a speech unmatched, I captured her smile.

As they danced, I painted the way he held her and the way she leaned into him.

And as the day came to a close, I showed them their first look at themselves as no longer seperate, but together and married. What a powerful moment!

These works of art  bring your love and your story to life. They leave space for imagination and memory, so even in 5 years, when you look at them, you'll be immersed again in the day. You'll feel how it felt when the warm sun hit your shoulders as he read his vows. You'll feel the joy as you held each other's hand walking down the aisle. And you'll remember the love you felt that day, surrounded by friends and family as you said "I do."

I capture light, emotions, and the sense of the day with colors and brush strokes. It may look different from a photograph- but the human eye and the camera lense see the world differently!

Live Wedding Painter
Live Wedding Painter Texas
Wedding Painting by K Potter
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Live Wedding Painter Texas
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