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Live Wedding Painting

From 'Yes' to 'I Do': Crafting Your Unique Love Story Amidst the Excitement and Challenges of Wedding Planning

Congratulations on planning your big day—it's such an exciting and memorable time!

All the steps you've taken, from your first date,

to the first moment you realized this was more than just a crush,

to telling your friends and family this person was different...

all building up to the moment when you said  'yes' to the love of your life. 

Now, as you stand on the threshold of a new chapter, it's time to create the most beautiful event to celebrate and start this beautiful journey of marrying your best friend.

Planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is a quest for uniqueness—

a desire to craft a day that reflects your distinctive love story- and celebrates your lifelong commitment.

It's about creating a celebration that's not only memorable but deeply personal.

But finding the special touches to make your day truly stand out can feel challenging.

 Honoring the depth of your love and the beginning of this journey can get lost in all the logistics and details of the day. 

Building in special moments for just the two of you can be forgotten amongst all the people.

And you want the day to be a treasured memory for the rest of your lives. 

Planning a unique wedding
Dream Wedding Ideas
Making a special wedding

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Live Wedding Painting: Your Love Story, Beautifully Immortalized

Wedding day with live wedding painter

During the day...

As you dance your way into your reception to your favorite song,


Kay will be painting at her easel amidst the joy and laughter of your loved ones.

The gentle strokes of her brush begin to tell the story of your day, capturing the light in your hair, the soft glow of the venue, the grandeur of the scenery, and the love-filled glances you share with your love.

Guests pause, captivated by the painting taking shape, each stroke preserving a moment of your wedding day in a unique and magical way.

Imagine this:

It's your wedding day. Your friends have helped you put your final touches on. You have walked down the aisle, and taken in each other in your wedding clothes. You've held each other's hands as you read your vows, and you've kissed each other, for the first time, as a married couple. 

Live Wedding Painting
Live Wedding Painter Glacier Montana

As the evening draws to a close...

you and your love grab each other's hands

and walk up to see the finished painting for the first time.


Before you, the paint strokes bring to life your day, and show you together, as a married couple, for the the first time. The emotions of the day, the energy of your loved ones, and the magic of your union are all there, immortalized on canvas in an heirloom piece of art that you will treasure forever. 

Couple with their Live Wedding Painting
Live Wedding Painting Whitefish Montana

Why You want Live Painting

  • It is an experience your guests have never had before, so you can do what you need to do throughout the day and know that your guests are entertained, delighted and have a great talking piece.

  • It's a way to record your day through a human eye and experience so that you will know your day and your love story were fully seen, and that the true depth of feelings between you and your love were felt and shared.

  • It's a way to remember the day without you having to be constantly under the lens so to speak, so you can really have fun in the day and just be yourself. 

  • It's a beautiful piece of art that features YOU and YOUR LOVE, so that you can feel extra special and important on this momentous occasion! 

  • You will have it on display for the rest of your lives so that you can always remember this day and this moment, and that your kids will grow up seeing it on the wall and know they were born out of true love. 

  • Your piece of art will create a moment for you and your love to bond and celebrate when you come over and look at it for the first time, so you can feel close and connected to each other on this important day. 

  • And because Kay is a professional who will take care of everything on her end, so you know you don't have to worry or think about her at all and you can just enjoy your day. 

The best heirloom keepsake

After your wedding...

Here is a thing most people won't tell you: your photos and your videos will eventually end up in a box that you pull out every now and again to enjoy. Ask any woman who's been married for 20, even 10 years. 

They are important. But a live wedding painting gives you a piece of art that you will see daily.

Take it from my client, Brett. At first, he didn't "get" why his wife wanted a live wedding painting.

After they'd been married for 2 years, I ran into him at the coffee shop, and he gushed to me that it was the best thing they did.

That he looks at his piece of art every single day and that it captures the feelings of their day and wedding like nothing else does. 

Don't you want to give yourself that? 

In the days and years to come, this painting hangs in your home as a stunning piece of art and a precious memento.


Each glance brings back the joy of your wedding day, the love you felt, and the promise of the journey you embarked on together.

This is the beautiful, enduring gift of live wedding painting—a keepsake of cherished memories, a conversation piece, and a timeless symbol of your love story.

Live Wedding Painting Big Sky Montana

Why add Live Painting to your wedding day?

  • A Timeless Keepsake: A beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art that captures the essence of your wedding day and will be treasured for generations to come.

  • Entertainment for Guests: Watching the artist at work is a unique and interactive experience for your guests, providing an extra layer of entertainment.

  • Emotionally-Charged Art: Kay captures the emotions of your special day in a way that photography simply can't, resulting in a painting that truly reflects the mood and atmosphere of the event.

  • Customizable: The painting can be tailored to your specific preferences, incorporating personal touches and details that make it truly unique to you and your partner.

  • Professionalism and Experience: Kay has the skills, experience, and professionalism to ensure a smooth and stress-free process, leaving you with a stunning work of art and unforgettable memories.

  • A great way to make the most of your venue: Bring the scenery of your venue home with you! 

Best live wedding painter


Every couple is unique, and so I really like to have a conversation with you to find out how we can make sure you get the best painting and experience for your wedding day.

I'll be on-site to paint your ceremony and/or reception in real time, creating an heirloom-quality work of art that captures the atmosphere, emotion, and details of your wedding. Starting at $2,200.

Your Pose

You can choose the exact moment we paint the two  of you! Kissing, dancing, dipping, cheersing, throwing your hands up in the air- Whatever best captures your spirit!

The Venue

The scenery from your incredible venue- a piece of important and memorable architecture- your floral designs and other details. What matters most to you? 

The Day

Nothing can capture a scene like a painting can. The human eye sees and interprets colors, light, emotions, and the atmosphere of the day like nothing else can. That is why artist's have been painting on site, from life, for all time!

Canvas Size offerings

Depending on what you want in your painting, and your budget, we can make your canvas fit your vision. The most popular size has been 24"x30", so is a good starting point to discuss.

Gift Paintings

Live Painting is a great gift for the lucky couple, and can be given by one or a group of family and friends. Please let me know you are interested in a gift when you reach out.

Other things

We can include your friends and family in your painting- or we can focus on just the two of  you! We can also include your pets, because though they may not be with us at the venue, we know they're a big part of your life <3. 

My past couples have said:

Live Wedding Portrait in Montana

The final product still brings me to tears every time I look at it. I’m so happy we decided to have Kay do it for us. I can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience, not to mention how insanely GORGEOUS her style of painting is. The special details she puts into it are so fun and special. Please consider this as a gift for yourself or as a gift for your friends/family. Thank you Kay!!! Kaylen, Bozeman MT

Live Wedding Portrait in Big Sky Montana

All of our guests stopped by her easel to ooo and ahhh at her work. Kay was so friendly to all of them and patiently answered all of their questions. She perfectly captured our first moments as a married couple and was sure to include in the painting our closest family members. Kaitlin G, Virginia

Live Wedding Painting in Colorado

I literally can not describe the feeling my new wife and I got when we saw her work for the first time. It was absolutely incredible! We where both speechless. I couldn’t think of a cooler and unique way of remembering our special day. Her work is brilliant and such a pleasure to work with. She included so many special touches in her painting of our ceremony that will always touch our hearts. Eric Strader

The Process

Hiring Kay as your live wedding painter is a simple and stress-free process.


First, we'll have a consultation call to discuss your vision for the painting and go over any details and questions you may have.


Then, I'll work with you to finalize the painting's composition, size, and any special elements you'd like included.


On your wedding day, I'll arrive early to set up my easel and materials and begin painting during the ceremony or reception. After the wedding, I'll complete the painting in my studio and deliver it to you within a few weeks.


It's a truly personalized and unique experience that will result in a beautiful and meaningful keepsake of your special day.

So, are you ready to give yourself this moment? 

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