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Live Wedding Painter in Montana

Your Love Story, captured in paint strokes

Hi there, soon-to-be newlyweds! Imagine your wedding day not only as a cherished memory, but also as a timeless piece of art.


Crafted live during your celebration, this painting captures your unique love story, offering a beautiful keepsake to treasure for generations.

Ready to turn your special day into a lasting masterpiece?

About Live Wedding Painting: The Art of Immortalizing Moments

I literally can not describe the feeling my new wife and I got when we saw her work for the first time. It was absolutely incredible! We where both speechless. 

Eric V

Best Live Wedding Painter

The experience: Your Day, my canvas

When you invite me to be a part of your wedding day as your live wedding painter, I bring more than an easel and paint - I bring a unique, immersive experience that elevates your celebration. But what does it truly mean to have live painting at your wedding?

From the moment I set up my easel, your guests will be enthralled. They'll gather around, sharing in the excitement as your wedding day unfolds in real-time, stroke by stroke, on the canvas. The anticipation builds throughout the day, as each brushstroke adds another piece of your unique love story.

For you and your partner, it's a special treasure to your day. There's something special about seeing your love story interpreted and immortalized through the eyes of an artist. And, as the day turns into evening, the anticipation of seeing the finished painting adds a layer of excitement to your celebration.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Your guests will be intrigued and delighted by the transformation taking place in front of their eyes. A live wedding painting provides an unexpected, engaging form of entertainment, sparking conversations, and creating shared memories.

Ready to elevate your wedding day with live painting?

Ensuring a Smooth Experience

We understand that planning your wedding day is a delicate balancing act, and you may have some questions about how live painting fits into the grand scheme. Let us assure you, your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

live wedding painter montana


My role is to subtly blend into the background, carefully observing and capturing your special moments. You won’t need to worry about any disruptions or distractions - the live painting process is designed to be a charming background element, not a centerpiece that takes attention away from your celebration.

live wedding painter montana

Space and Set-Up

With just an easel, a palette, and a canvas, my set-up is minimal and can easily fit into any corner of your venue. The space required is small and will not interfere with your event's layout or flow.

live-wedding painting montana


Your wedding day timeline remains unchanged. I work around your schedule, capturing the moments as they unfold naturally.

live wedding painter

Your wedding day is your masterpiece, and I’m here to ensure my live painting service only adds to its magic, not complicate it. Your comfort and satisfaction are always at the heart of what I do. 

Post-Wedding Logistics:

After the wedding, I'll take care of safely transporting the artwork and making any final touches, so you can focus on enjoying your newly-wed status.

Meet Your Wedding Artist: Capturing Your Love, One Brushstroke at a Time

My name is Kay Potter

"Art has been a part of my life since I can remember. As a young child, I found myself entranced by the allure of colors and the endless possibilities of a blank canvas. This enchantment only grew with time, and I pursued my passion, studying fine arts and perfecting my craft.

But it was when I stumbled upon the concept of live wedding painting that my art found a beautiful purpose: capturing love and joy as it unfolds. I've had the pleasure of being part of countless couples' special days, transforming their shared moments into timeless keepsakes.

What truly sets my work apart is not just my experience or my love for art, but the connection I form with each couple. Every wedding is unique, and I bring that uniqueness to life in my paintings, creating a visual narration of your love story.

Being invited to share in your joy, and being trusted to encapsulate it in a painting is an honor I deeply cherish. I look forward to potentially being a part of your day, celebrating your love and turning your beautiful moments into a treasure for a lifetime."

live wedding painter montana

Tailored to Your Dream Day: Packages and Pricing

Every wedding is a one-of-a-kind symphony of love, joy, and cherished memories. To honor this, I offer a variety of bespoke packages, each thoughtfully designed to capture the unique essence of your day. From the canvas size to the content, every detail is customizable, ensuring that your live wedding painting is a true reflection of your union.

Your Pose

You can choose the exact moment we paint the two  of you! Kissing, dancing, dipping, cheersing, throwing your hands up in the air- Whatever best captures your spirit!

The Venue

The scenery from your incredible venue- a piece of important and memorable architecture- your floral designs and other details. What matters most to you? 

The Day

Nothing can capture a scene like a painting can. The human eye sees and interprets colors, light, emotions, and the atmosphere of the day like nothing else can. That is why artist's have been painting on site, from life, for all time!

Canvas Size offerings

Depending on what you want in your painting, and your budget, we can make your canvas fit your vision. The most popular size has been 24"x30", so is a good starting point to discuss.

Gift Paintings

Live Painting is a great gift for the lucky couple, and can be given by one or a group of family and friends. Please let me know you are interested in a gift when you reach out.

Other things

We can include your friends and family in your painting- or we can focus on just the two of  you! We can also include your pets, because though they may not be with us at the venue, we know they're a big part of your life <3. 

An investment in live wedding painting is an investment in an heirloom, a unique keepsake that transcends time, carrying the memories and emotions of your wedding day across generations. Your investment begins at $3,000, a price reflective of the time, materials, and talent invested in creating your hand-painted masterpiece.

Whether you envision a close-up of your first dance, a sweeping view of your ceremony, or a vibrant portrayal of your reception, I'll work closely with you to select the perfect package and customizations for your special day.

Together, we'll create a work of art that sings your love story for years to come.

live wedding painter

Ready to get started?

Let's book a consultation

Ready to make your wedding day a painted memory? I'm excited to bring your joyous moments to life on canvas. Let's start a conversation about creating your unique wedding keepsake.

You can book a consultation with me to discuss your ideas and wedding details. I'm here to answer all your queries and ensure your expectations are met beautifully.

Or, if you would prefer, fill out a contact form with your email

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