Live Event

Wedding Painting

Live event wedding painting is a one of a kind way to capture the magical feeling of your big day. I'll pay attention to all the details you painstakingly pulled together, and will bring them all together in a painting you'll treasure forever. 

By the end of your day, you'll have a painting that represents the day your family came together, and will be a treasured heirloom for years to come. 

As well, your guests will be delighted and entertained as they watch the painting come together. I am friendly and engaging, and add an interesting element to the wedding that will be sure to have everyone talking. It's a lot of fun!

Not the Bride or Groom? This makes an amazing gift!  Or contact me about creating a painting from past wedding photos to create a special anniversary gift for your spouse or family member.

"We received this as a wedding gift. It was actually a live painting during our ceremony! Never did we imagine that this would capture the moment through depicting its energetic vibe on canvas but it did !
From our two dogs in the front, to the butterfly release at the end, even our flower crowns. Our guests were so excited to come recognize themselves through their posture and / or outfits. What a memory ! Highly recommend."                                      




Live Wedding Painting