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Wedding Painting

art is timeless, just like your love

It is 10 years from now, and you and your love have long forgotten about all the to-do's and details of getting yourselves to the "I-Do's." 

It is breakfast, and you're crunching on a piece of toast before heading out for the day. Your love has already left, making sure to give you a kiss before they leave. 

You look up and see your painting on the dining room wall. It shows the two of you embracing on your wedding day.  You see the scenery and the atmosphere of the day, captured in the paint and brush strokes. You smile, remembering all the people that shared that special day with you.

Still smiling, drop your dishes in the sink, and you head out for the day. 

Imagine This:


Hi! I am Kay, and I am a live wedding painter. 

I started doing this because I love bringing art into our lives to celebrate our most meaningful moments and memories. I love painting out in front of people, so that I get to chat and engage with them, and to also meet all the future artists (read: flowergirls). 

I will cry at your vows, I will entertain your uncle, and, most importantly, I will create your heirloom painting based on your unique wedding day and all the details you have chosen for it. 

With over 8 years of experience as a professional artist, I can say without a doubt, that this is the most fun and most meaningful way I make art.

And I will treat you and your love like the masterpiece it is.


Live wedding painting is right for you if you want to:

  • Add a truly unique experience to your wedding day.

  • Create a family heirloom that will be passed down through generations. 

  • Entertain and thrill your guests as they watch a painting come to life

  • Capture the details, the scenery, and the moments of the day in one piece

  • Treat yourself to something special 

  • Celebrate the love between the two of you in a timeless way. 



Kaylen and Ian.jpg

I had seen previews of Kay’s live wedding paintings through mutual friends and we decided it would be a lovely gift to ourselves for our big day. Kay was so thorough during our meeting beforehand to work through what we wanted incorporated in the painting. She really tries to get a sense of who you are as a couple and what fun things can be put into it to make it especially unique to you. The whole process was so fun to watch before/after the ceremony. It’s also an amazing conversation starter for your guests and Kay is super engaged and excited to walk you through her process during. The final product still brings me to tears every time I look at it. I’m so happy we decided to have her do it for us. I can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience, not to mention how insanely GORGEOUS her style of painting is. The special details she puts into it are so fun and special. Please consider this as a gift for yourself or as a gift for your friends/family. Thank you Kay!!! Kaylen, Bozeman MT

Kaitlin and Mark.jpg

I cannot say enough about our experience with K Potter Fine Art! Kay is so lovely to work with. She listened to my vision for the painting, but also provided thoughtful suggestions where I was unsure. Her enthusiasm and responsiveness throughout the planning process made me incredibly excited for my big day! On our wedding day Kay was punctual and took care of all of the details, so all I had to do was relax and enjoy the celebration. She was a hit painting at both the ceremony and the reception and all of our guests stopped by her easel to ooo and ahhh at her work. Kay was so friendly to all of them and patiently answered all of their questions. Kay perfectly captured our first moments as a married couple and was sure to include in the painting our closest family members. Kaitlin G, Virginia


Never did we imagine that this would capture the moment through depicting its energetic vibe on canvas but it did ! From our two dogs in the front, to the butterfly release at the end, even our flower crowns. Our guests were so excited to come recognize themselves through their posture and / or outfits. What a memory ! Highly recommend. -Allegra P, Jackson Hole

Are you ready to start your masterpiece? 

I know planning a wedding has a lot of details and conversations and people and timelines... so I want to make this as easy on you as possible. 

First:  I want you to start thinking about what you would like your painting to have in it. Would you like to have it be you and your love and the scenery? Or you, your love and your parents or bridal parties? Would you like to be doing your first dance, or your first kiss? 

Second: Browse my gallery to help you narrow down your vision. 

Third: Give a quick look through the packages area to understand how much to budget for your painting. 

And then: Reach out to me to find out about your date's availability, and to schedule a call with me! 

And if you're still trying to imagine how it looks at your wedding, check out Process and FAQ's