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10 Reasons to hire a live wedding painter: Capturing Something No One Else Can, Entertaining Guests

Hiring a live wedding painter is a fantastic way to create memorable moments for you and your guests during your wedding day, and also to provide you with a beautiful reminder of your day for the rest of your life.

There are many reasons why hiring live wedding painters is worth it, but here are just 10:

1) A live painter captures something no one else can. I can position the couple in pose in front of an background that encapsulates their venue, but that wouldn't actually be in the photographs. I can use colors and brush strokes to invoke movement and emotions of the day. And I can even add in special details, such as family members that can't be at the celebration.

2) I will entertain your guests in a wonderful way. People love watching the painting come to life, and they enjoy taking pictures, asking questions, and by the end of the night they are very invested in your painting. I will wow them as I complete a painting in front of them all!

3) The cost of hiring live wedding painters is well worth it. Original art is the most unique thing you can purchase. It is one of a kind, never duplicated or replicated, and this original features YOU! As well, you are hiring an entertainment act for your gu

4) You will have a beautiful painting from the event that will last you a lifetime, and will last lifetimes after that too. It is an heirloom about the most important day in your family's history.

5) Live painting helps make the event more personal. It adds a flavorful touch and is a unique feature of any Rocky Mountain Wedding.

6) It's a good investment. I use only the highest quality of materials, and I make sure the painting is varnished and protected so it remains vivid and clear for years to come.

7) It makes celebrating even more meaningful. Seeing your day through the lens of an artist's eye will pull out details and feelings that are extra special. Seeing your day inspire a work of art is an amazing way to give it another layer of meaning and importance.

8 ) The live painter may become an important part of your story. One bride said that the next day, "It was all people could talk about." One groom, who teared up when he saw his finished painting remarked that it was "surprisingly and deeply emotional to see" his new wife and him painted in their ceremony.

9 ) Many Montana Venues boast beautiful scenery and natural features which are best captured when painted from life. Painting in real time produces something fresh and distinctive. Lighting, colors, even the atmosphere can all be captured in a live painting.

10) It is a wonderful present to yourself or to others. This is the one time in your life where you can really feel comfortable splurging a bit. Because after all, it's a once in a lifetime event! In the words of Donna and Tom, "Treat Yo'Self!" Sometimes, a couple will feel shy about buying themselves something so special. And, as a group gift from family members or from the bridal party, this experience can be a fun surprise for the couple. So even hinting to your people about it can give them a nice direction.

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