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Painting Window Murals during a Pandemic

This past winter (of 2020) was challenging in more ways than one. The world changed dramatically around us, and we all found ourselves with a lot more time on our hands, and a lot more space. We found ourselves with a lot of questions about the world at large, and about our neighbors and friends, almost creating a sense of alienation a lot of the time. Many artists also struggled with finding their creativity, at the same moment as millions of other people began leaning on art (in many different forms) to lift their spirits and remind them of beauty in an otherwise dark time.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, my local hospital was not able to put up their standard holiday decorations, as it would create clutter and too many surfaces to disinfect. So instead, they reached out to me with the idea to paint some sort of seasonal cheer on the windows. Never one to miss an exciting opportunity to give back through art, I dived right in, coming up with whimsical, wintery themed sketches.

I used my Ipad (the best pandemic purchase) to take pictures of the windows, and a program to add the sketches onto the window so we could see how they would end up looking.

Once approved, I worked for about a week straight to get these installed. I used a grey house paint as a base, and Golden Fluid Acrylics to bring the paintings to life.

The Finished Paintings

And some fun progress shots

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